A Very Powerful Appreciation


I recently watched what is without doubt the best horror movie of all time. Not many films are as unbelievably unsettling, or, better yet so disturbing as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When Leatherface clubs Jerry in the head causing him to collapse and “twitch” on the floor? So utterly intense.

Never has a single scene in a movie left me so affected. In fact I so clearly remember the first time I ever saw the movie and that scene, in particular. In Keg’s basement, as a kid, really, totally freaked out of my mind. As if being in his house wasn’t spooky enough, the walk home was truly something else.

It’s still, if not more difficult, to watch (what with it now being re-mastered?). Damn… Continue reading A Very Powerful Appreciation

No Need To Repeat

Today’s post has, at least in part been incited by the Vegan Freaks…

I’ve been writing on a pretty regular basis for a year and a half. And don’t necessarily mean for this blog, per se, but generally. And in that time I’ll find myself writing an email to someone about something, when I stumble on an idea I’d possibly like to explore at a little bit later. So in a folder it goes for another time. To my amazement I’ve collected quite a mess of incoherent, half thought out groups of words…

And just yesterday I was rooting around in said folder, looking for something to expand on. When I read a piece I wrote, about a year ago? It was regarding “animal activism.” And, essentially how it can be a noble endeavor and desperately needs to be fought. But not by me. “It’s just not my deal.” Or so I thought… Continue reading No Need To Repeat

Get This

Today’s American Morning was a doozy. But instead of feeling utterly infuriated over the sheer stupidity, I was left feeling extremely humbled. Thank you Kiran.

Ms. Chetchry likened her childhood to Comedian Margaret Cho growing up being “embarrassed” of her Korean born parents. “It’s like growing up with the name ‘Kiran’.” Continue reading Get This

Keeping Them Honest?

Well it’s been a few days since I managed to witness a CNN television news anchor interview an employee of the US Food Safety and Inspection Service. Regarding a story the Humane Society broke in late January. And I’m not feeling a bit better about what I saw.

An “Undercover Investigation Reveals Rampant Animal Cruelty at California Slaughter Plant,” which showed “downed dairy cattle” at, or presumably entering the Westland Meat Co. slaughter house killing floor by means of a forklift pushing them. That’s right, pushing them. With a forklift! Continue reading Keeping Them Honest?