Keeping Them Honest?

Well it’s been a few days since I managed to witness a CNN television news anchor interview an employee of the US Food Safety and Inspection Service. Regarding a story the Humane Society broke in late January. And I’m not feeling a bit better about what I saw.

An “Undercover Investigation Reveals Rampant Animal Cruelty at California Slaughter Plant,” which showed “downed dairy cattle” at, or presumably entering the Westland Meat Co. slaughter house killing floor by means of a forklift pushing them. That’s right, pushing them. With a forklift!

And be that as it may, my concern isn’t so much with what the few seconds of video footage CNN did show, as reprehensible as it is, rather it is with the ugly words the segment was accompanied by. Yes, ugly, even for a gangly representative of CNN’s American Morning. No sooner had the explanation for running the clip leave her lips when words, to the effect of “don’t tell me how my food gets to my plate” immediately followed.

How in the hell is someone supposed to swallow the shit you’ve been pushing about “keeping them honest” when you can’t even face the truth, even as it’s staring you straight in the face?