Benefits of coma

It would be mighty irresponsible for an individual to live a life with their head down only being concerned with where they’re headed. That isn’t a general criticism directed broadly. It’s a specific comment directed at one person in particular. Me.

Truth be told, I haven’t honestly always (as in very recently) been the most accepting of change — when it comes to myself, at least. Being so strong headed about certain behaviours has proven to be the least productive of my efforts going forward. Especially concerning matters of the heart. Hard lessons learned. And I’m working on it.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. In fact, I’m incredibly insecure about the “answers” I do have. And I hope that never changes. However as sure as I am about not being adequately informed about everything, I’m more than secure in proclaiming no-one is. As long as we refuse to listen and learn from each other we will never get to where we want and need to be…

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The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the Christ Movie Poster

I finally got the opportunity to see The Passion of the Christ on Friday night. Well the first half anyway. Now my not having seen it, long before Friday of course, wasn’t necessarily a case of me not wanting or avoiding seeing it. As it was the opportunity never presented itself. And, by no means, did it hurt there are literally thousands of film makers film’s I’d rather watch before watching one from Mel Gibson. I digress.

Keep in mind I know next to nothing concerning Jesus Christ. Not that I necessarily have any issues with finding out. But I have priorities, and reading about the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth hasn’t ever ranked very high on a reading list for me. This is neither a historical or a religious commentary toward the significance of this film. This is merely a couple of first impressions from a piece of entertainment. Taken at face value…

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Powerful and Recommended

I’ve had the opportunity — it would seem to have been awhile ago — to see the documentary Blinders: The Truth Behind the Tradition (YouTube link). And, today, I finally had the chance to listen to Donny Moss (the films “creator”) talking about his movie concerning “New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry,” on Animal Voices (interview originally posted May 12th, 2009).

Which, subsequent to hearing the show, “inspired” me to watch it once again. It’s a very powerful and highly recommended film, I think, people need to see…

Until I Hear

Following the local news these days is much more appealing to me than watching a bunch of “liberals” give each other hand jobs in Denver. I don’t know about you…

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