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The Passion of the Christ

“My initial impressions mainly centred around two elements in the film. The violence and the controversy I recall the film inciting when it was initially released — that being the Jews were responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion. What follows is what I could gather, again, from watching the first half. And, for the record, I intend to watch the second half, soon. It’s just 3 and a half hours to sit while watching a movie is a tad tedious. This ain’t no Lord of the Rings — even though some of those characters looked like they came from Middle Earth…”

‘Use Is Abuse’

“… I was left saddened. For the animals, obviously, but the children, as well. They have no idea they’re being misled, not to mention, severely indoctrinated, via a first hand look into some horribly problematic practices, sure, but the information they’re receiving wasn’t exactly the truth…”

Feminist Horror

“That being blood is part of a woman’s life, much more so, than that of a man’s. And men are more often “squeamish” around the sight of real blood then women…”