Pace Yourself

Lanté came bearing gifts. Thank you, Lanté.

Previous we’ve had some discussions about movies. Rather obviously our tastes in movies differ, like any two people, but Friday he brought me one of his favorites. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. In an attempt to prove a point, I assume. 

Now I’m not going to hide behind my distaste for movies with any hint of testosterone jacked rogue military special “op” teams hell bent on killing non-American’s, or Arnold’s acting, for that matter. But both his acting and the movie, “on the whole,” weren’t too bad. I was very surprised.

Sure this film, like any, has it’s flaws. Big one’s too. But on other levels it’s quite a successful endeavor. With respect to the state of movies today, especially…

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Yet Some More Concerns To Contemplate

This past Monday was Labour Day. A day happily spent sitting in the sun, drinking beers, and watching Freddy carry on as he always does. Running, playing, and being a dog, who seemingly only “cares about not caring.”

That was until he found a random patch of grass that was entirely too attractive for him to leave alone. It consumed his attention, effort, and, for a brief period of time, his whole existence. I’d have given anything to experience that moment where a scent that he managed to stumble upon was all that truly mattered.

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I probably should clarify a few things from my last post American Fascists. Woah, don’t everyone complain at once…

Honestly? I’ve got more to say on the subject. I won’t be long. Those who know me or have seen my F.A.Q.‘s, one frequently asked question, in particular. About God and whether I believe in one, could take my impressions of the book, or the book itself (save that one quote stipulating “we’re Christian,” of course) as anti-Christian or anti-belief in God. And while I make my views known, I’m not anti anything. Continue reading Clarification