Out Of Step

Ever get the feeling you’re the only one in the world with their head on “right?” Well, for me, today is just one of those days.

For the past few years I’ve been undergoing a rather aggressive regimen of a rather “traditional” therapy. And I just had a “dose” of that therapy. Anyway my therapist and I have been talking about a new avenue of therapy her and her husband have recently been exploring. Last week she was supposed to email me with further details regarding it, in the form of a web address I assume, but, since then, she has informed me they have been looking at different “sources” for the “technique.”

Honestly I’m not entirely sure of what she is looking at or for that matter hoping to accomplish. But I’m always open to looking at variety, especially where my therapy is concerned. If it makes sense to me.. Continue reading Out Of Step

Yet Some More Concerns To Contemplate

This past Monday was Labour Day. A day happily spent sitting in the sun, drinking beers, and watching Freddy carry on as he always does. Running, playing, and being a dog, who seemingly only “cares about not caring.”

That was until he found a random patch of grass that was entirely too attractive for him to leave alone. It consumed his attention, effort, and, for a brief period of time, his whole existence. I’d have given anything to experience that moment where a scent that he managed to stumble upon was all that truly mattered.

Never has an individual so thoroughly earned my admiration… Continue reading Yet Some More Concerns To Contemplate

Religions role

Q: With respect to the topic of spirituality and/or religion could you comment on how these beliefs may have influenced you, members of your family or professionals you have worked with in your rehabilitation process?

I can’t and won’t speak for anyone but myself. But in my eyes spirituality and religion are two completely separate subjects.

For me spirituality is looking inward and recognizing our connections to each other and this planet and therefore respecting our role as an individuals interacting within nature. Which I believe.

Where I see traditional religion’s role is as primarily looking outwardly for influences to shape a persons understanding of purpose while the need for personal responsibility becomes less and less relevant the harder one tends to rely on it. Which I don’t believe. Continue reading Religions role

Happy Holidays

I’ve seen my share of counter productive behavior this holiday season. On TV, especially. I’m referring to the greatly misplaced act when people insist on being wished a “Merry Christmas,” rather than the more appropriate “Happy Holidays.”

Think about it, whether intentional or not, wishing others a “Merry Christmas” may make one feel recognized, sure, but what about those who don’t regard the same traditions as “you?” And could possibly feel, uncomfortable or slighted by such a salutation? Continue reading Happy Holidays