13 Years In

As it turns out today, August 5th, 2009, marks the 13th anniversary of my accident. Oh no, unlucky 13?

But, in all seriousness, it’s days just like that of today that enable a “man” to look back and appreciate where a kid has been, and where that same individual might be headed. Frankly, it’s amazingly mind-numbing to consider.

What continues to be most noteworthy about this date is what it also represents, in conjunction with my accident — which was everything but — is the 3rd anniversary of this website’s launch. It’s been 3 years already? Damn, it oddly seems like more. Go figure…

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The Shivers

Ever since my accident my “wiring” has been altered from how it was prior to my bump. When use the term “wiring” I’m merely referring to the manner in which my brain communicates with my body. And even more specifically I’m speaking from a physical perspective. In terms of my ability to operate the various parts of my body.

And, yes, I did, for some time, suffer from locked-in syndrome, which insured I couldn’t move voluntarily. But that didn’t mean I was a soft pile of skin and bone. Far from it. I did my fair share of moving, during that time, in the form of spasms. Often it was a reaction to something as non-threatening as a persons touch. It freaked out more than one massage therapist. That’s right, two.

I was a mess. And it hurt. Bad…

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Genghis Carnage

NIN Album Cover

Knowing Jared is quite an infuriating experience. Let me explain. During his last visit he brought 3 CDs with him. Two of which tickled my fancy in interesting ways. I’m sorry but the third, “Crowpath,” made me laugh the whole time it was being played. There’s something about the name.

But the other two bands, Cephalic Carnage and Genghis Tron and their disc’s Xenosapien and Board Up The House, respectively were somehow different than I expected. I still can’t put my finger on why Xenosapien was and is so attractive. I still don’t think much of the vocals. Everything from Cookie Monster to Cobra Commander? And beyond?

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Something about the label “quadriplegic” and being considered a “quad” was something that never felt right. Not for any other reason than I felt it failed to give my ability proper description. In terms of I how used to view the term as a description of a disability more than anything.

When I think of a person who suffers from quadriplegia I tend to picture people I’ve shared time with in rehab. Individuals who, for the most part have a fair amount of difficulty moving most of their body below their neck. Not that I saw it as degrading or insulting. Honestly I just thought of myself not fitting into, what I perceived as the classification.

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