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What an odd week. Odd in many respects. But most relevant are these feelings of nostalgia. I was on my old stomping ground today. And while a lot has changed, some memories are so strong that they resurface as a result of the slightest tug? Let me finish…
In the first half of 1997 I was still an inpatient at a rehab hospital out of town. Where distance and cost, at least initially, dictated I couldn’t go home quite as often as I’d eventually be able to, but once that time came I started going home weekends. I wouldn’t know where to begin to communicate the importance of such a weekly trip to my mental well being.

Most times it’s the little things that make a life worth living. And sometimes it’s all you have to hang on to.

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I Have No Idea

Working through an idea is human nature, right? I must dedicate “resources” to an issue in order to fairly appreciate and understand it. But coming to a workable solution isn’t always a possibility.

I was presented a very intriguing premise yesterday while listening to VeganFreakRadio, show #58, Gary Francione Returns to VFR. I’ve recently become quite attuned and extremely interested in his views on veganism and animal rights. Which would seem–after hearing and reading his thoughts–they are merely different terms used to describe the same thing. Abolitionism. 

Usually I’m a little hesitant about viewing issues as having such contrasting positions. There are almost always “shades of grey.” With that said some issues ARE that “cut and dry.” You’re either are a racist, sexist or homophobe, or you’re not. And speciesism–according to Gary, at least–would fall in such a category.

He spoke about many an issue I care deeply about, but one especially caught my ear. His notion on companion animals or “pets,” if you will. Continue reading I Have No Idea


Abolitionism is a term originating–if Wikipedia is a reliable guide–with that of slavery. Specifically regarding the abolishment or elimination of the practice. And has subsequently been more broadly defined. To “formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).” 

I’ve been aware of the word and it’s inherent value to veganism for quite some time. But it would seem to have a more intrinsic or “natural” value regarding how I’ve chosen to live my life. Specifically where an individuals worth is based primarily on perceived differences, and my rejecting to subscribe to such a flawed/superficial means of existence. An example? How ’bout an arbitrary ablity to feel “human” emotions? Are “animals” really all that different from us? Continue reading Abolitionism

Religions role

Q: With respect to the topic of spirituality and/or religion could you comment on how these beliefs may have influenced you, members of your family or professionals you have worked with in your rehabilitation process?

I can’t and won’t speak for anyone but myself. But in my eyes spirituality and religion are two completely separate subjects.

For me spirituality is looking inward and recognizing our connections to each other and this planet and therefore respecting our role as an individuals interacting within nature. Which I believe.

Where I see traditional religion’s role is as primarily looking outwardly for influences to shape a persons understanding of purpose while the need for personal responsibility becomes less and less relevant the harder one tends to rely on it. Which I don’t believe. Continue reading Religions role