Interesting Times Are ‘Underfoot’

In the past couple of days, quite possibly yesterday, Michael Moore released his latest film, Slackers United, for free on the internet. And I parked myself in front of my computer and watched it last evening. I have to give the man props for this gesture. Thank you kindly, Mike.

And I was left a number of strong impressions. A few good, mostly bad…

I have to commend him for breaking up what was quickly turning into, not a plight for the American people, but a massive self-serving ego masturbatory session. Leading voice of dissent? Possibly. In terms of recognition. But the best? Thankfully he threw in some opposing Republican non-sense. Which quickly got me off my critical interpretations of the film and frankly began to infuriate me. I’d guess that was the point. And choosing the stupidest Republicans who could speak didn’t hurt.

But, shit, not all people who don’t vote are “slackers,” and even if they happen to be, do they eat Tostitos, Raman Noodles, or need clean change of underwear? I’d assume a reason citizens don’t vote is disenfranchisement. Claiming people don’t care or, better still, are not motivated to vote is quite an assumption. I know it’s a facetious crack at reality. But can you blame them? I mean really? Those needledicks, the Republicans, stole one, maybe two elections. But your message isn’t wasted on me, if more people showed up to vote it would be next to impossible for those morons to carry on as they do.

I hope this movie will serve it’s purpose as a reminder for things that didn’t happen nearly four years ago. And above all else the importance of people needing to vote to change things in Washington. 

But are the Democrats really any better an alternative? Why are you not equally critical of their spinelessness? After all the Democrats are much more similar to the Republicans than are different. They still support the deeply flawed systems the United States of America was/is built upon. Capitalism being a problem no-one can afford not to recognize is greatly unfair and seriously problematic. As the rich continue to steal from your future with a 700 billion dollar Wall Street “bail out.” 

Interesting times are ‘underfoot’ when the Democrats are looked upon as the saviors we so desperately need…