Yet To Disappoint

It’s been some time  since Barack Obama gave his speech, in Cairo, calling for a “‘New Beginning’ Between US and Muslims Worldwide,” and, honestly, I haven’t payed much attention to his rhetoric or felt the need to crack off concerning it. That is, of course, until now.

In my inbox, this morning, fresh from Znet, was Bill Blum‘s piece Team Obama/Cult Obama;

“But since others have been pointing out these [Obama’s] lies very well I’d like to try something else in dealing with the problem — the problem of well-educated people, as well as the not so well-educated, being so moved by a career politician saying “all the right things” to give food for hope to billions starving for it, and swallowing it all as if they had been born yesterday.  I’d like to take them back to another charismatic figure, Adolf Hitler, speaking to the German people two years and four months after becoming Chancellor, addressing a Germany still reeling with humiliation from its being The Defeated Nation in the World War, with huge losses of its young men, still being punished by the world for its militarism, suffering mass unemployment and other effects of the great depression. […] Imagine how it fed the hungry German people…”

Good ‘ol Billy has yet to disappoint. And this is everything but an exception to that rule. As always very interesting reading…