Really think about it

So we’re well into another federal election campaign here in Canada. Exact same shit, exact same pile. I’m so very tired of electoral politics. Voting for things that don’t really matter, all at the expense of everything that does. It’s all so very maddening. If there wasn’t so much at stake, I assure you, it would be virtually impossible for me to pay attention. Not that what I do pay the political process, in my country at least, could qualify as attention. Even in the loosest definition of the word.

As such what follows will not be an endorsement of any particular candidate. Casting my vote May 2nd will be much more an effort in futility than realistically should be in a so called democracy, right? Is this really the state of the country I live in?

Fact is, I see little benefit (personally speaking, at least) in “strategic voting.” Voting for one clown to avoid the other God damned fool from obtaining a majority? Compromising my values to prevent someone else from getting elected just feels wrong. On every level. And I just hope I won’t be doing that (relax, I’m kidding, I won’t!). And that said, this won’t be a condemnation of a person who deserves every bit of “non-confidence” I could muster and throw his way. Christ, is it earned!

Rather this is a call to action. For every one of my fellow Canadians to get out and cast your vote this May! With people fighting and dying for their rights in North Africa, the Middle East and even potentially in the American Mid-West, not exercizing the rights you’ve been afforded is a kick in the teeth to the very idea of democracy.

If you happen to be a Canadian citizen, and of voting age, take a few minutes before May 2nd and really think about it…