Make the Effort

It was twenty  years ago today, December 6th, 1989, when “proven” misogynist and extraordinary needledick;

“… Marc Lépine, walked into École Polytechnique in Montréal, ‘armed with a legally obtained semi-automatic rifle and a hunting knife, shot twenty-eight people, killing fourteen and injuring the other fourteen before killing himself.’ All the people that he managed to murder were women. And, here’s the kicker, those efforts were declared his attempts at ‘fighting feminism’…”

And as truly horrific and sadly tragic the events of that day really were, like that of last year, I’m still quite incapable of writing anything that would, even remotely, do the lessons of that day, 20 years ago,  justice. In fact, with the Canadian Government working so diligently to abolish the “federal long gun registry,” this years anniversary of the Montreal Massacre is ever more relevant. So much so, I am certain anything I would write would be nothing more than a bunch of much deserved douche bag references, directed at people who aren’t easily insulted, or, for that matter, care what people, namely me, think.

It’s an absolute exercize in futility, and I won’t be taking part in it, today…

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My Outlook

As I said, Well It’s 2008. I truly didn’t mean to be so indignant towards 2007. But shit happens…

I did, however manage a few opportunities for personal enlightenment last year. Most notably was the reading of Caroline Moorehead’s fantastic book, Human Cargo: A Journey Among Refugees. “One of the greatest books of all time. It may change the way you look at life.” No kidding…

“Why should something as arbitrary as where one is born determine where one is allowed to live? Entrance restrictions, borders and boundaries, often themselves accidents of history stand as barriers to a more equal world, protecting the privileges of those who live in the least crowded, richest and safest states.” Continue reading My Outlook