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The shape of things to come?

“So, in closing, a lot of the above will mean next to nothing for most of you, but this stuff, when I figure it out of course, really turns my crank (so you know). And I’m delightfully encouraged over the shape of things to come, both concerning my writing and designing. Here’s to wishing you and “yours” an exciting and wondrous year ahead!”

The Shoe and The Other Foot

“As for Mr. Nicklinson’s assessment of life as a “locked-in” person — which, as I’ve said, I have issues with him being characterized as such — I understand his frustration. It’s truly hell on earth. All the power to him to decide his path and have his wishes carried out…”

“Why Resist the G20 in Toronto?”

“A lot of what was said wasn’t new to me, some I’ve even written about here (the bit about everyone needing each other’s help, how we’re all “interdependent”), but framing interdependence under the guise of capitalism, and how it is actually contrary to the notion of individuality, capitalism’s whole schtick, is something I’ve never much thought about…”

For What It’s Worth

I’ve written about the radio show The Ongoing History Of New Music here, in the past, on my way to a more relevant point. And, ever since that post, I can’t say I’ve spent too many Sunday morning’s not listening to Alan Cross do his thing. Even though his interpretation of certain events and circumstances…