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‘Someday it may come knocking on your door’

“But I’ve taken her words out of context, you say? It’s quite possible I have. I can admit it. Not that I care. I’ve no idea where or why she was talking when the footage was shot that was featured in this piece. I guess it’s possible, like conservative Tea Party “activists” claim, she was speaking towards the “presence of speakers [that are linked, but not charged, in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing being] at the event.” Fair enough. Anything is possible…”

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

“Not taking the hardware aspect of computing into account, which has it’s own set of issues, in terms of it’s accessibility, but I’ll comment on that for which I have experience working with. As ‘plastic’ as software happens to be, it’s really not all that ‘pliable’…”

Thank You For The Opportunity

“So not only was it an honor to write those words, it was my pleasure they were spoken. In that context, especially. Thank you, Irene, for signing the entire service to a couple of long time friends of my Grandparents and, especially, for benefit of my Grandfather. But, most importantly, I want to thank, both my Uncle and Mother for allowing me the opportunity to participate…”


“Another one down. Yesterday, Tuesday, August 5th, 2008, marked the 12 year anniversary of my accident. 12 years? I can’t believe it. But even more relevant, at least concerning this here blog, is today signifies it’s been an entire year since I “officially” launched this endeavor…”

Appreciating Effort

“Neatly written within the opening paragraph, my mother wrote, “I wanted to let you know what was happening while you were sleeping.” There I sat, by myself at the kitchen table looking through an important piece of personal history. Hardly in a position, then or now (quite fitting actually) to return the warmth I was able to peruse all these many years later.”