Spoon-Fed or Forked Over?

With the recent Julian Assange fiasco growing ever more convoluted with each passing day, it’s articles like Julie Webb-Pullman’s, Wikileaks: Play The Ball Not The Man and Check Who’s Kicking, that makes everything that much more difficult to follow.

Or so it would seem. But it’s words such as these that serve to “ground,” at least my opinions, concerning matters at hand. There are much more aspects to any one “story” than you hear from any one source or group of sources. “Play the ball not the man,” indeed. But it is what Julie wrote to end today’s Dissident Voice piece that everyone would benefit from;

But you don’t need me to tell you — read the links and their footnotes, and anything else you can get your hands on [emphasis mine!] — and take a stab at coming to your own conclusions. It beats being spoon-fed, or forked over.

No truer words could be written about these or any other issues of the day…