Something I Should Address

On Friday I downloaded and listened to the Angry Hippie‘s latest podcast, “Episode 30.” In it he made mention “White Privilege” and had a talk with the “Science Dude” about transgenics (GMOs). Quiet an invigorating hour and a few minutes.

My initial impression from hearing said podcast raised some questions regarding transgenics specifically. While still relevant, I further thought it through, and decided what was discussed on matters of “White Privilege” are that much more important and, potentially (where the 2008 US election is concerned), costly.

I’ll write about that today…

A few weeks ago a piece Tim Wise wrote called “This Is Your Nation On White Privilege” came to my attention, courtesy of ZNet. By far the most important bunch of words I’ve read recently. In fact I sent out a bulk email (how 90s), immediately after receiving it. It was, I felt, important enough for everyone, not just the handful of people I sent it to, to read and think about. Probably not the most deserving manner in which to spread the word, nor is this, but at least I’m trying. 

I meant to revisit the topic and cite the piece here when I had more time to do them both justice. But time hasn’t been a luxury I’ve had much of to commit to writing down thoughts this article has inspired. So what better way to kill half an hour on a Sunday than to bang out a half-assed attempt at  commentary? By the way I can think of lots.

So in fear of taking anything away from Tim’s words I’ll simply urge whoever might still be reading this to read and, actually, consider the ramifications of what Tim discusses. Please?

“White privilege is, in short, the problem…”