It Needs to Stop!

I haven’t much of anything interesting to say (not that I ever do), regarding the events that occurred on this day in 1989. But I couldn’t let this day pass without, in the very least, mentioning it’s significance.

Today, sadly, marks the 21st anniversary of the Montreal Massacre. Marc Lépine, “armed with a legally obtained Mini-14 rifle and a hunting knife,” walked into Montreal’s École Polytechnique and “shot twenty-eight people [killing fourteen women, while injuring ten more women and four men, all in an attempt to “fight feminism”] before killing himself…”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help feeling terribly saddened about the state of the world in which we live. Where established behaviours are rarely ever changed — take the interest, or I should say lack of interest, in the current “Climate Talks” currently underway in Cancun, Mexico, as yet another pathetic example of our indifference toward each other — and that most definitely includes violence against women.

Make no mistake, sexism is still a pervasive issue in today’s society. And, like all forms of oppression and violence, it needs to stop!