‘Last Bastion of Dead-End Bushism’?

On today’s show, DemocracyNow.org‘s Amy Goodman, interviewed British MP George Galloway on a recent decision by a Canadian judge;

“A Canadian judge has upheld the Canadian government’s decision last month to ban the outspoken British lawmaker George Galloway from entering the country for a speaking tour.”1

I know, this isn’t so much news, as it is a couple days old now, but what was most compelling, personally, was what he happened to say concerning my government;

“… I’m touring the United States to big audiences, north, south, east and west. I’m sitting in the British parliament, as I have done for the last twenty-two years. It’s a bit odd to be branded a security risk in Canada, which I’ve toured many times, spoken at meetings in all the major cities there. […] Well, the book that’s banned is always a bestseller, and the speeches that have been banned are now taking place through the internet, through the ether. And a thousand people turned up at church in Toronto on Monday night to hear me speak, and 500 last night in Mississauga. […] But it just shows that it was a foolish move politically, as well as quite a dangerous one. It’s a creeping problem, I think, in Canada, that their government is the last bastion of dead-end Bushism in not only North America, maybe in the world…”2

So very interesting. “George Bush, dangerous killer, here’s a million-dollar fee, come and speak. George Galloway, antiwar leader, don’t bother turning up…”3