Why are my RSS Feeds so much fun? I just tripped over “Another Reason To Hate Fake Punk” over at Food Fight Vegan Grocers;

“I need protein from food rather than just protein supplements. I changed my diet. I would do anything I possibly could if they said like, ‘There’s a possibility you might heal faster if you do eat meat or just change your eating habits’. So I did. I don’t regret it at all, I feel so much better.”
-Tattooed hipster dumbass.

Too funny. Head on over to my October 13th post to get a leg up. Ooh yeah, I need to see that!

Better Him Than Me, I Guess

I came across this today at PunkNews.org. “Travis Barker Updates Blog From Hospital Bed” where he is “detailing his recovery.” I, briefly, commented on him and his situation in a previous post, a couple, or three weeks ago? 

In my post I wrote about Travis having just been involved in a rather serious plane crash in Columbia, South Carolina, the Friday night before. Where 4 other passengers in the plane perished. So en route to another, possibly not as serious point, I highlighted what happened to him and wished him well.

In the PunkNews.org post it said many things, but most confusing was;

“Every step seems huge at this point, and Im doing EVERYTHING I can possibly do to get back to my kids. Yes, I did start eating meat again, but if it helps me to be home holding my little humans sooner, then its all worth it…” 

He starts off fine. I can totally relate. But if by “home” he meant an afterlife I can’t say I have any serious objections to that logic, aside from the obvious, of course. But seriously what the hell kind of advice is eating meat as a way to heal? And heal quicker? Truly bizarre…

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Friday night Travis Barker, drummer of a few bands but “most famously” that of Blink 182, was involved in what I can guess was a rather serious plane crash. And at this time, well as of this morning at least, was still in critical yet stable condition.

Why do I care? Never much liking the bands he’s ever played/plays with. But he’s an individual much like any of us, who, I’ll assume, is in a great deal of pain. So en route to another point, I want to wish him all the best. He’ll need it.

Last week a friend and I were discussing musical influences on our lives. Which at first seemed like a very natural thing for me to explore. But it soon started to feel “odd.” In a sense that I, a person who grew quite used to expressing himself musically, hasn’t touched an “axe” that sits in the loneliest corner of his bedroom in a good 10 years? Then I was ever so casually reminded I look upon it each and every single day for whatever reason. And, I think, that fact alone speaks volumes about the music I listen to being such an important part of my life. And I don’t ever see that changing. Or I can’t imagine it being any different.

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Genghis Carnage

NIN Album Cover

Knowing Jared is quite an infuriating experience. Let me explain. During his last visit he brought 3 CDs with him. Two of which tickled my fancy in interesting ways. I’m sorry but the third, “Crowpath,” made me laugh the whole time it was being played. There’s something about the name.

But the other two bands, Cephalic Carnage and Genghis Tron and their disc’s Xenosapien and Board Up The House, respectively were somehow different than I expected. I still can’t put my finger on why Xenosapien was and is so attractive. I still don’t think much of the vocals. Everything from Cookie Monster to Cobra Commander? And beyond?

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