So Barack Obama is the next President of the U.S., eh? I’d say congratulations are in order. I’m serious. What he’s done, getting into office, is inspiring. He has managed to do something truly remarkable. He won despite every effort The Douche Bag Express threw his way to derail promises of change.

But is “change” really coming?

Fact is Mr. Obama is working for the exact same needle-dick system and corporations that guided him into office. Make no mistake those favors don’t come cheap…

But with that said, and as sad a comment it is, I find myself much more concerned with something Thomas Frank wrote in his recent book, The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule;

“And people being pissed off at government is the very ore of right-wing discontent. Corrupt earmarks, inserted by conservatives, lead to conservative victory. […] But remember the long-term effects of Watergate. While the immediate consequences of Nixon’s outrageous behavior were jail sentences for several conservative Republicans and the election of a bumper crop of liberals to Congress in 1974, Watergate permanently poisoned public attitudes toward government and stirred up the wave that swept Ronald Reagan into office six years later–and made antigovernment cynicism the default American political sentiment. […] Government failures can be made into conservatism’s fuel, even when it’s conservative bungling that has brought them about…”

Comparing Nixon to Bush isn’t something I’ve never seen. But with a deranged maniac looking to take the wheel of The Douche Bag Express, and Republican’s being so proficient at stealing elections, let’s just say I’m worried about the future…