Absolutely Sickening!

There is very little, of value anyway, I could add to most of today’s Democracy Now’s broadcast [1] [2], so I’ll simply cite a bunch of words Glenn Greenwald, constitutional law attorney and political and legal blogger for Salon.com, spoke in said episode;

“My concern with the discussions that have been triggered, though, is that there seems to be the suggestion, in many circles […] that this is some sort of extreme event, or this is some sort of aberration, and that’s the reason why we’re all talking about it and are horrified about it. In fact, it’s anything but rare. The only thing that’s rare about this is that we happen to know about it and are seeing it take place on video. This is something that takes place on a virtually daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places where we invade and bomb and occupy. And the reason why there are hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq and thousands of dead in Afghanistan is because this is what happens constantly when we are engaged in warfare in those countries. […] This is what war is. This is what the United States does in these countries. And that, I think, is the crucial point to note, along with the fact that the military fought tooth and nail to prevent this video from surfacing, precisely because they knew that it would shed light on what their actual behavior is during war, and instead of the propaganda to which we’re typically subjected…”

The reality of war and what is asked of those who carry it out, by a certain breed of psychopath, is absolutely sickening!