Better Late Than Never?

As with yesterday‘s post, I’ll spend today playing “catch-up,” if you will. In a former post, The Trial, I touched upon what is becoming more and more common, as of late, between citizens of this country and the government that “represents” them. But, what even I’ll admit is a very surprising — but welcomed — turn of events, the Canadian government, as of last Thursday(?), “said it would comply with a federal court order to let him [Abousfian Abdelrazik] return to Canada.” Imagine this;

“Abdelrazik, who has taken refuge in the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum for the past year, was expected to arrive at Toronto’s Pearson airport at 4:45 p.m. ET on Saturday…”

But what tragic story could end so neatly? Well, apparently, not this one. The above quote, near as I can figure, is talking about him returning this Saturday, June 27th. But “was expected,” versus, “is expected” being used is extremely noteworthy. As it just so happens, American’s have expressed an interest in us repatriating one of our citizens? So surprizing.

It feels kind of odd praising my government for doing something it should have done years ago. And with that said, what do I hear much too often — like speaking it somehow justifies any injustice — better late than never?