You Just Never Know

In reiteration to yesterdays post I have no opinion in Eluana Englaro’s “right-to-die” case. I see and understand both arguments. But at the same time her wishes to die, if she ever found herself in a state like she happens to be in now, were given in haste, from an “ableist” state of mind;

“A year and a day before her own accident, a friend of Eluana called Alessandro crashed his motorbike, suffering serious brain damage. In great distress, Eluana told her father: “If something like that ever happened to me, you have to do something. If I can’t be what I am now, I’d prefer to be left to die. I don’t want to be resuscitated and left in a condition like that.”1

Who is to know what will happen? I’m a perfect example. I was merely amazing prior to my accident. But now I’m so Goddamned super incredible…

In all seriousness, I’d really rather not make light of such a horrible situation, I truly am at a loss for what to think. My heart goes out to both Eluana and her family.

My point is you just never know.

UPDATE: I’m so very sorry to tell all who are interested Eluana has passed. My sincerest condolences to the Englaro family…