Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek DVD CoverI have no idea why I fought Jared so hard when refusing too see Wolf Creek. Or why I held out for so long. But, in my defense, you have to understand, Jared is a pervert. Therefore anything he recommends warrants well founded reasons for hesitancy. And this movie was hardly the exception.

That said I’ve seen it many times since my original viewing, and following each time I watch it, I manage to grow ever more impressed with everything the film sets out to accomplish. From a “nuts and bolts” approach to telling a story, and a horror story in particular, it’s brilliant. I’ll refer to a previous post, Pace Yourself, where I commented on a single, yet very simple, story telling element that seems to elude the modern movie making industry. And, fortunately, Wolf Creek wasn’t a movie that fell victim to that all-too-familiar “pace” trap.

I’m all too happy to report, it takes it’s time getting to where it needs to go and when it gets there, watch out…

It wasn’t so much the lengthy lead up to the reason why the movie was made was wasted on inconsequential filler. The story tellers, rather effectively, used the time to develop a story and its characters in an environment essential to the depicted “events” believability. Or, better yet, its seeming reality.

I recently watched it again and, like on previous viewings, I saw stuff I had either failed too acknowledge or just, flat out, missed. The film grain and the cinematography being most prominent. Its image has a raw and dirty look to it, while remaining quite interesting and oddly beautiful to watch. At least up until the shit hits the fan. And by that time you’re far too engrossed not to care how it turns out.

What a great movie…