Witness the evolution

A little while back I referred to another project that I’ve been consumed with. In addition to my volunteer role at the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC). On the 5th of this month, the 15th anniversary of my accident, I officially launched Abledaccess. And as promised (damn, was it really in February?), I’m announcing it here today.

Honestly the rough idea for this project, well it’s original intent at least, has been fermenting in my head for quite sometime (since October of last year?). But the perfect opportunity to have it grow before it had even begun presented itself in January, so I pounced on it. This is all pretty exciting for me. Not only is this another forum for me to work from and write about, but it’s an amazing opportunity to be involved in the larger coding community. Meaning, in addition to it being a blog, where I’ll discuss accessibility and usability realities — or how I experience and see them — I’m also openly developing a WordPress blogging theme called FSSFive. Using various framework’s and component’s that the IDRC has developed, and continues (being a keyword, all this stuff is very much in flux, at the moment) to develop, to help internet users enjoy more equaled access to the net.

But keep in mind, it’s currently a rather simplistic representation of what a WordPress theme can be. I want to nail down the basics before I worry about presentation (read: how it looks). As I said it’s currently under development and will constantly be changing and improving. If you should ever feel so inclined, stop by and check me out either at Abledacess, or my Github repository.

Witness the evolution…