Without Question Or Hesitancy

We are, what, 7 weeks from a Canadian election, where Stephen Harper won another minority government? Now “the opposition” is looking to dissolve that government through a vote of no confidence in Parliament on Monday December the 8th? For the record I have absolutely no idea what to think…

And in efforts to get up to speed on the circus, mainly by listening to or watching the CBC, I can’t help but wonder why the Bloc Québécois switched from being a sovereign party to a separatist party? Could it simply be the fact they were tired of not having a voice in the government they are supposedly represented by?

So my more relevant question is why is Mr. Harper so against the Bloc being part of a “coalition?” Is it because he has witnessed the success of Israel’s efforts to oppress the Palestinian people, or to a lesser extent White South Africans segregating Black South Africans during Apartheid, and is hoping to duplicate it? Here in Canada? What am I supposed to think?

Of course, I’m being facetious. The reason I mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is I’m about half way through Ali Abunima’s “audacious” book “One Country: A Bold Proposal To End The Israel-Palestinian Impasse,” where he discusses;

“What if we took a different approach? What if we accept that, today,Israeli and Palestinians inhabit the same country and that any attempt to separate them has only exacerbated the conflict because partition requires each side to give up more than it is able. What if we tried to join them together instead  in a single democratic state?”

Now I’m not at all suggesting that the Israeli-Palestinian impasse is any where near similar to the current Canadian state of politics, at least, where Québec is concerned. Unity is his point. And, as it turns out, is mine. I merely bring it up on my way to another point. Which is could we not apply similar tactics as Belgium did to address separation threats of their Flemish and Walloon citizens?

“Overall, Belgium’s continuous process of constitutional reform has led to the decline of separatist sentiment in both the Flemish and Walloon regions.”

Exactly how might bringing the Bloc into a coalition government be a bad thing? I don’t get it. 

And still, even more distressing is, our Kool-Aid drinking” society believing the shit our Prime Minister is spewing from his mouth without question or hesitancy…