What’s Wrong With People?

Apparently yesterday saw the release of some sort of footwear “collaboration” between Kayne West and Nike. Thing is, people actually lined up, days in advance, for the shame of shelling out some ridiculous amount of money ($260 Canadian, as it turns out) for these ghastly, “pinched” pieces of shit — I just saw a picture of ’em. They were kinda neat when Marty put them on, in the future, 20 years ago. But they look lamely retro and quite foolish now. What’s wrong with people? Starting with him?

Problems with Nike aside, which are numerous, wasn’t Kanye the same ignorant prick who attended a recent fashion event in Paris, for Stella McCartney, and couldn’t stop asking why they’re isn’t more fur in the show?

No need to look it up. It was. Fuck this douche bag, his stupid shoes, and his apparent — in addition to capitalism’s – effect over mindless/tasteless/clueless consumers…