What With Mother’s Day Approaching

I spent the first hour of this Monday morning catching up with some of my most frequented places on the internets. But before I get involved with an absurdly technical issue, like how to get WordPress to display custom page titles from scratch, say, I thought I’d do some “light reading” elsewhere on the web.

When I came across an article, A Cow’s Milk is Not Yours To Take, that is much too powerful, and relevant, what with Mother’s Day approaching, and all, not to share;

“Everything done to a dairy cow is a stripping away of her essence. Her choice in a mate is denied, she is artificially inseminated. Her choice of when to mate is taken from her, she is “synched” to breed with the other cows in the herd. Nearly every single dairy calf is removed from his or her mother the day they are born. She is even denied motherhood. We must add insult to injury by taking control over her milk source, her udder. She is milked on our schedule and bred to produce the amount and type of milk we like. Then, in a cruel twist, we take her milk and use it for ourselves and our children. Milk that nurtures the growth of a frolicksome calf, milk that is given and received on a natural cycle of hunger and satiation, milk that is bovine, not human…”

I recommend reading it…