What I Do Following Completion

Today an old friend sent me a question he had out of genuine curiosity. And a “disclaimer.” “Just curious. I hope you don’t mind the questions.” 

Well, my buddy, not only don’t I mind, I’m more than happy to answer anything you may be wondering. If people could learn anything from me which will, in turn provide some sort of insight, I will have served a purpose. 

It’s all good…

He was curious about my typing skill. “In your post, “Accessibility Statement…“, you described briefly using a “switch” and indicated that you later regained sufficient mobility in your right hand. Do you type with your right hand only? Do you use all fingers or just one or two digits? Have many words a minute can you type now?”

I feel I should explain the “switch” first. The switch I used is what is referred to as a “head switch.”  A process of a “cursor,” if you will, that cycles through the alphabet until the the letter you want is highlighted. Then you’d click the switch. Which essentially meant, in my case moving my head to one side, thereby “clicking” the “switch” and selecting that letter. Then onto the next.

But I soon regained enough mobility in my right hand and arm allowing me traditional access to a computer. Otherwise known as making use of a keyboard. Or “typing.”

Long story short, today I type with all four fingers. But I favor the 3rd and 5th (If your thumb is 1 and your pinky is 5). I’d be negligent forgetting to mention I use a feature in my OS referred to as “Sticky Keys,” as well. 

As for WPM I have no idea…

For context the original email I sent him to answer his questions took me a little over half an hour to compose this morning. Which was a little shorter than this post. I thought that was relevant simply because the manner in which I “write” anything is exactly the same. The only difference is what I do following completion. “Saving,” “sending” or “publishing” the words I type…