What Else Could I Possibly Add?

In this short life, an existence we’ll only ever know, we’re hopelessly stuck in this perpetual downward spiral, rife with fear, paranoia, suspicion, pain, and sadness. But every so often, much less often than is so desperately needed, I’ll stumble upon a story that will, at least for a little while, restore my hope for humanity. First some context;

“Mysterious bomb blasts, assassinations by masked gunmen, detainees denied access to their lawyers, torture and death in detention, the random arrest of critical journalists, and the banning of peaceful demonstrations are but a few of the human rights violations sweeping the Occupied Palestinian Territories…” 1

Yet despite that;

“Thousands of children smash the previous world record [for ‘kite-flying’] at event in Gaza Strip…” 2

What else could I possibly add?