‘What Comes Around Is All Around’

Who’d have thunk, a drunk Jim Lahey had it, exactly, right?

“On the morning of 29 June, the Spirit of Humanity set sail from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip carrying approximately three tons of medical aid, olive saplings, children’s toys and other humanitarian items for the area’s 1.5 million residents. The Spirit traveled through international waters when, at approximately 1:30am, several Israeli gunships surrounded the boat, jammed its GPS, navigation and radar systems and threatened to open fire. Heavily-armed Israeli naval commandos boarded the boat, ordered the Spirit’s passengers to lie face down, roughed up several, and ultimately forced the humanitarian volunteers to Israel where they were held for days in hot, crowded, cells before all but two (both Israeli citizens) were ultimately deported…”

Is Israel guilty of piracy?” Radhika Sainath argues, quite convincingly, yes. But I think a more “accurate” question is, will Israel ever be held to account? I’m quite sure some would argue, much like the “Bush torture program,” probably not — in any meaningful way, at least.

So, indeed Jimmy, “what comes around is all around.” Or, much better still, same shit, different day…