What Are The Chances?

I received this in my inbox, courtesy of Z Nightly Commentaries, today. When Wall Street Is The Prolem, Is Bernanke The Answer? Spelling errors aside — oversights, I’m sure — this one excerpt, at least, is worthy of attention;

“In his recent press conference, after which President Obama would be called to task for lambasting the police in Cambridge Mass. for acting ‘stupidly’ — a comment he later withdrew — he also charged that Wall Street knew what they were doing when they made predatory loans. No one called him on that, not even Wall Street. […] If it was a smear, you would expect an uproar from the Wall Street-Real Estate complex responsible for millions of families losing their homes. After all, this is a mass problem, not a mere incident. Also, a large proportion of those targeted were people of color. Their lives have been handcuffed, not just their wrists. If you are looking for a case of mass racial profiling, look here…”

I wonder if CNN will consider Danny’s suggestion, to “consider this as a theme for Black In America 3?” What are the chances?