What A Crazy Life

Over the holidays, irrespective of the capitalist and religious inanity that accompanies said time of year, I received my new seating and chair. And, aside from a much more prolonged “adjustment” period than even I was expecting, it is much better than my previous one, thanks.

The only reason I bring this up is on Saturday I, not only accidentally damaged the “flange” (the bit of pipe, in the floor, a toilet sits atop, I assume), but I managed to absolutely smash it. Like I said, I’m still adjusting to this chairs “mannerisms,”  and it got away from me. What can I say? Shit happens. No-one knows that better than I.

So, just yesterday, I finally arranged for a plumber to fix the result of my “rampage.” And who should show up to do the job? The most infamous character the town I grew up in has ever, in my opinion, produced…

Now to be fair, my former statement is a tad excessive, I know. Not much of anyone who didn’t attend the grade school I went to (kids who are and were around my age specifically) would have ever known of him. By reputation, only. Let alone recognized him now.

The only reason I did was in grade school I’d been good friends with his brother. And more times than I could possibly account for now, I’d often been on the receiving end of being yelled at, by him. Whether it was deserved or not is not for me to speculate. I’ll assume he thought it was, seeing how I think he worked nights, and he was usually sleeping before giving me shit. In my defense it was usually 4 in the afternoon! But, in his defense, I’m sure some would say, I was an extremely loud kid. An unwarranted insinuation, for the most part I think, but it doesn’t stop people from making it.

Point being, I knew exactly how he was. And I instantly recognized him.

This guy eventually became a “celebrity” of sorts, well in the circle of extended people I knew, at least. For absolutely no other reason than his name became the stuff legends are made of. Whenever something couldn’t be explained, or worse yet, responsibility for anything needed to be placed, this guy’s name was quickly offered. It was an ongoing terrible joke. It even “permeated” to the grades, in school, below us. It was totally out of control. In fact the last time I heard his name, it was in a similar context, during the last bloody year of high school!

Seeing him, again, yesterday made me, pardon the pun, take a few steps back. I wasn’t expecting it, sure, but I haven’t even thought about him, or his name, in like 15 years? Nearly half my life! It came from out of nowhere.

I’m still not at all sure he recognized me, my wheelchair being the most significant aspect of my “stature” now, and I’d imagine I would be incredibly difficult to “place” as a result.

Which inevitably led me to thinking long and hard about him and what having his “famous” name might have provided. Now I don’t want to get too much into it, especially here, but being close with his family, for a number of years, meant I was privy to the story most never had on him.

And having some of his story doesn’t necessarily mean I had it all. I didn’t, nor do I now. But that for which I did gather, led me to believe he had a less than “regular” childhood? I’ll leave it there, simply because I don’t remember being told much concerning his past.

Fact is using his name as “we” did, in hind sight, wasn’t very kind or fair. Even if he was, all but once, less than hospitable around me.

And knowing him as I did back in the day, yesterdays experience was a complete “reversal” from the time spent in his basement, being sworn at for quietly talking amongst ourselves. It was our brief interaction which showed me he is now such a nice and warm person. I couldn’t believe it! He even, more than once, bent down to Freddy’s level to speak, so affectionately, to him. And, dude, is a damned fine plumber?

What a crazy life…