Very Compelling and Obnoxiously Informative

On this morning’s CBC The Current, David Suzuki, guest hosted the show. And what a show it was. I learned more about global warming, in said hour and a half, than I think I was aware of previously. Not only that, but all of the information presented was extremely relevant, and will be ridiculously useful.

But what was most interesting was the surprizing ineptitude of my governments actions, or more accurately their lack of action, concerning these issues. And the dead-end and potentially problematic solutions they’re investing in. Being carbon capture and sequestration? You need to hear the 3rd part on Geoengineering, specifically, for the caveats of these technologies. I don’t know what you’ll get out of it, but I’m not convinced such are workable answers. In fact, I’ve heard enough to say we shouldn’t rely, or go anywhere near these technologies, ever!

I encourage, not only Canadians, but anyone to log on and hear all 3 parts, in their entirety…