‘Use Is Abuse’

Karol Orzechowski of Animal Voices just posted an extremely valuable short film, via Vimeo, titled Field Trip. It’s a relatively benign — and don’t let my characterization mislead you, I think it’s very powerful, too — look into The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, specifically, and the animal user industry, as a whole, in general.

I’m not sure what you’ll get out of it, its effect is wholly dependant on your interpretation, but I was left saddened. For the animals, obviously, but the children, as well. They have no idea they’re being misled, not to mention, severely indoctrinated, through a first hand look into some horribly problematic practices, sure, but the information they’re receiving isn’t exactly the entire truth.

Mary Martin said it all;

“… [T]here are no graphic images of suffering similar to those in, say, Earthlings. However, for me, the images are in a way just as powerful because they demonstrate that use is abuse…” ((via her blog post @Animal Person))

And, just to “reiterate” something else Mary said — in that same post — “The site for the film is here, and [it] includes thought-provoking photos, as well…”