Up To The Task?

Apparently Exxon Mobil made $11.68 billion last quarter! And a 7% profit margin is, not only obscene, but an act that justifies punishment by taxation, if I’m to take Barack Obama’s words seriously. 

But, Mr. Obama isn’t what you’re telling people you’re going to do and what you can actually do once elected a gross “conflict of interest?” Seems to me that the change you’re suggesting isn’t even possible once the oath of office is taken. Am I wrong? Aren’t all company’s accountable to their shareholders? And providing profit is, not just the main, but the sole impetus?

How could you tax Exxon for operating as a company and doing what they’re supposed to? By the law? Could you be talking to what people want to hear? And you have no intention to act on much of what you are proposing? Or would you even have the ability to? 

So is electing yet another “bullshit politician” to the most ridiculous office on this planet the answer we need? Never have I been more convinced it isn’t. Not only does the American President need changing, but–as far as I can figure–the whole fucking system needs to be scrapped. So it’s up to the American public to do what we desperately need to do to survive. Are you up for it?

2 thoughts on “Up To The Task?”

  1. You are forgetting one key to “politics” in the states. It’s a choice of either/or. A third party, although technically existent in US politics, is a non-factor. You can’t, unfortunately, exercise your right to vote, without choosing the lesser of two evils. That’s just how it is here. No matter how many lies you hear out of either candidates mouth, it doesn’t change the fact that one of them will be elected. If ‘rak really want’s to shake things up, he should make lying illegal, because making money, no matter how obscene the amount, never will be. It’s the American way…

  2. My point exactly. I’ll loosely poke out a quote I read during the ’04 cycle;

    “We don’t need yet another American election. We need a fucking American revolution…”

    My apologies I can’t remember where I read that, sorry to whoever wrote it, but throw the bums out!

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