Until I Hear

Following the local news these days is much more appealing to me than watching a bunch of “liberals” give each other hand jobs in Denver. I don’t know about you…

That and I dare not forget to mention that and the Maple Leaf tainted meat recall has grown to just short of 250 some odd products? And my Grandfathers doctors still aren’t sure why he’s sick? With their efforts now concentrating on his stomach?

Since I’ve no idea what symptoms a person might experience as a result of listeriosis and I’m too lazy to check, it seems to me that the stomach would be a good place to start looking. I’ve never heard that bad meat (Like any meat could be considered “good”) was a suspected culprit, but until I hear that it isn’t “listeria” I will keep my attention fixed on CP24. No matter how much pain it causes me, thanks.