Time, as it always has, will tell

Well it’s been over a month since I’ve written anything here. For shame, I know. And what a month to be absent from commenting on events happening around the world! It’s quite a remarkable time to be in opposition to power!

I’m speaking, of course, toward the uprisings in North Africa, the Middle East and the American Mid-West. “It is not a good season to be a tyrant.” And it’s getting increasingly more difficult not to think these bullshit hierarchies — or the way they are ridiculously structured at least — are all beginning to level out.

Finally, a real reason for hope!

I know, not so fast. It’s terribly early to be making any such assertions quite yet. There’s still a long road ahead. It’s possible these revolt’s could all be for not. I’ve witnessed enough history to know not to be that naive. They could very well usher in similar things that these regular folk are so courageously kicking out. But, fingers crossed, it doesn’t. Time, as it always has, will tell…

So what do I have to say for myself? What have I been up to?

First I, or we, unfortunately but finally “officially” put Felthammer on hold;

… And while those [as in our] very personal aspirations haven’t changed — we’re both still very much dedicated to the aforementioned goals and getting this project off the ground — some other factors have presented themselves. Namely each of our educational and professional ambitions. […] And until we can realistically dedicate our fullest attention to justify having a website offering our services, we feel we must put off officially launching this venture until that time arrives…

Which accounts for 5 minutes of my last month and a bit — surely I jest. But, honestly, I’ve been quite involved in wrapping up development on this effort. Essentially smoothing out the subtitles of function and design. The biggest development being I now finally have a somewhat coherent and remotely useful Archives. I still have some backend work to do to make it that much more “useable,” but it’s a start.

Plus, as my last post hopefully suggests, I’m very busy working (read: volunteering) at the Inclusive Design Research Centre. I’m currently working on many exciting things. A little bit of this, a lotta bits of that. It’s a little bit premature to reveal any specifics, just yet, but detail will reveal itself, very soon.

I’ll be sure to write about it here, or direct you to somewhere where you can read about it more fully. Is that a hint? I don’t know. It just might be. Again, time, as it always has, will tell…