There’s Always Next Year

Yesterday represented my first real “break” in writing on a daily basis. And 6 days short of full month! Aside from that fart, on August the 23rd, I’ve posted every single day since August 12th. Quite a stretch. But with my vacation over, I’m right back at it today.

So my “time off” was spent trekking into the city to attend the 24th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair in Toronto. It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually been to the city, a few years at least, and it felt oddly visceral. It was the same but it wasn’t? 

I have no idea why either…

Anyway it was my first time attending the event and not knowing what to expect I went in with an open mind. You can’t ever be 100% sure what to expect from the label “vegetarian.” It means a thousand different things to a thousand different people, half of which could be “vegetarian,” too.

Lets face facts, the term literally means little, if anything. I mean if you’re consuming milk and eggs, and wearing/using animal hides, yet claiming to be a “vegetarian” for reasons of compassion, you’re still supporting the brutalities, and in these cases the most brutal aspects, of the industry. Far be it for me to point this out, but you’re a walking contradiction, my friend. You’re still enabling the industry by creating demand for, not just the goods you selectively purchase, but all animal based products. “Humanely raised” or not. It’s all the same.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you’re in “limbo” on your way to veganism, but don’t stop there, go all the way! And yes I’m aware any reduction of suffering is much better than none, but why stop halfway?

What was most refreshing was when wanting something to eat, or buy for that matter, you could ask if what you were looking at was “vegan.” And, with comfort, rely on the answer. And not have to deal with uncertainty or the moronic held tilt and blank stare. People knew what “vegan” meant and, much more importantly, knew what was in what they were serving. All the fare was great! Oops I mean beyond great! Everything I had was amazing! Oh and Sweets From The Earth are unreal…

It was a good time and I had fun.

Of course I’d have rather spent more time looking at the “political” exhibitors more. But seeing how the entire event was so busy, it left little chance for me to stop and really look at much of anything for any length of time. Without impeding foot traffic that is. What with my chair being as large as it is. But I guess there’s always next year…