The Truth Will Set You Free

I happened to witness something on the internet that frankly put me into a strange state of wonder. A “movie” called Zeitgeist. A collection of ideas “chronicling” the plausibility of an unsettling “coming of age.”

Sure it may be hard to swallow. Here I am, almost a full 48 hours later and no closer to knowing how to take the culmination of the ideas shared. Not so much because I’m completely convinced by the manner in which the “film” was presented, per se. Rather the fact that it was so absorbing. And so seemingly believable.

Now not many of the ideas in the movie were new to me. Nor do I hope to add anything to the discussion. This, like this site is a means to help me understand the electrical impulses firing in response to stimulation within my skull.

And as I’ve come across most of the scenarios discussed in the “film,” somewhere along the way. Extremely compelling were the parallels raised between astrology, Paganism and Christianity. While not forgetting to mention a prominent American political family’s affiliation with a mid 20th century German fascist regime. Truly engrossing. This was the first time I’d seen all of them so neatly packaged pointing at a common end. Frankly that’s what was so captivating.

It conceivably demonstrates where a bunch of morons, who would have trouble wiping their hemorrhoid ridden arse’s (a tell tale badge of honor idiots get for consuming human flesh for 4 to 8 years) after a biweekly evacuation of guilt, could be taking the world. And as crazy as it all should be, it’s not that hard for me to entertain. Speaking purely on first impressions of a skeptic, that is.

But could that not be the genius of it all? So ludicrous it cannot be believed? Even as it is happening?

Think about it. It explains so much. The death, the destruction, the “apparent” insanity of it all? Even in so far as my car accident? Could someone have ran Lante off the road hoping to kill or seriously injure, if not both, but one of us? Kidding, of course…

In all seriousness, it’s not for me to speculate the truth entirely based on probability and intuition. Is it not all of our responsibility to learn as much as we can regarding the whole world in which we reside? Is it not worth entertaining?

No matter how inconceivable you interpret one or all of the situations to be, one fact remains. People lie. Everyone has an agenda. Just how involved an agenda might be is anyone’s guess. If anything, lies are a common thread, not just in the movie, but tying this absurd world together.

For the record, I’m the last person you need to hear from regarding such issues. Just one more thing to concern myself with…

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  1. I agree everyone lies about something in some form or another, even if they don’t realize it or deny that they do. Omission is the greatest lie.

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