The Trial

A book coverEver since the latter years of high school, I’ve been rather fond of the writings of Franz Kafka. And, one story in particular, The Metamorphosis. I’ll let you draw the parallels.

To which I’ve read, at least 4 more times since, being a grade 12 English student looking for the shortest amount of time I needed to spend on reading a book for school. Sadly, it was short enough to get me interested enough to finish. Little did I know what was just around the corner, eh?

And I guess it was last year, following my latest perusal of said story, that I decided to check out more of Kafka’s work. So in addition to “The Castle” and a “Complete Short Stories” collection, I ordered “The Trial,” as well. Unfortunately they’re all still in the queue. But, “The Trial,” just got bumped up. To next…

This morning, on the radio, I had the most depressing opportunity to hear CBC’S “The Current” liken Kafka’s novel to that of what Abousfian Abdelrazik is currently experiencing;

“… Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian originally from Sudan who has been stranded in Sudan for the last six years. He was accused of supporting Al Qaida and jailed twice. Both the RCMP and CSIS have cleared him of any involvement in terrorism. But the federal government won’t issue him a new passport. So he’s stuck sleeping on a cot in the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum. “

Now I’m not too familiar with the novel or that of Mr Abdelrazik’s story, aside from what I caught today in said piece and what small snippets I’ve heard in the news recently, of course. But, rest assured, I will go looking for more.

Never have I been so ashamed of my government (such a comment isn’t entirely true, but at the same time, is hardly less successful at conveying my frustration)…