The Shivers

Ever since my accident my “wiring” has been altered from how it was prior to my bump. When use the term “wiring” I’m merely referring to the manner in which my brain communicates with my body. And even more specifically I’m speaking from a physical perspective. In terms of my ability to operate the various parts of my body.

And, yes, I did, for some time, suffer from locked-in syndrome, which insured I couldn’t move voluntarily. But that didn’t mean I was a soft pile of skin and bone. Far from it. I did my fair share of moving, during that time, in the form of spasms. Often it was a reaction to something as non-threatening as a persons touch. It freaked out more than one massage therapist. That’s right, two.

I was a mess. And it hurt. Bad…

Thankfully I no longer experience involuntary spasms quite the same way or as intense. They’ve pretty well stopped. I still get sore muscles, sure, from exercise and general tightness, but I can deal with it much more proactively now. And whatever the result, it isn’t nearly as random or anywhere near as painful as it once was. 

Anyway during my “exorbitant” hospital stay often a nurse or two noticed me shaking, rather profoundly, during “pee-pee” time. Especially during the first one of the day. And they’d ask me if I was OK with obvious concern. To which I’d always laugh and say yes. It was simply a case of the “piss shivers,” but significantly amplified by my hyper-sensitivity, I assume.

The reason it invoked such a comical response on my part is I, basically, had a bunch of nurses intrigued enough about this behavior to ask various men in their lives about their urination habits. Not that I’m convinced it was a gender specific reaction, it just so happened that all my nurses were female. And judging by the reaction I received they never experienced “the shivers.”

My point? Sometimes you have to make your own fun. And, at the time, this was a gas…