The Lunatic Dick-Bag Fringe

Apparently, early last week Douche-Bag extraordinaire, Rush Limbaugh, was at it again. Speculating that the explosion on BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig was the work of “environmentalist wackos.” I’ll refrain from the name calling, starting now that is, no matter how deserved I may think it is. And point to an article Will Potter posted Monday afternoon, Did “Eco-Terrorists” Cause the Gulf Oil Spill?, for some interesting context into the Right-Wing response(s) to this disaster;

“In many ways, Limbaugh’s comments are not extreme, they are the norm. Forty years after Earth Day, going green has gone mainstream, but corporations and the politicians who represent them are labeling environmentalists as “eco-terrorists.” The problem is not Rush Limbaugh; the problem is misplaced government “terrorism” priorities and scare-mongering that are natural fodder for political opportunists, no matter how untenable their claims…”

It would seem even the lunatic dick-bag fringe (oops, starting now) can be understood. Sorta…