The Inevitable First Impressions


Unlike the second coming of Christ, you should have known this was coming (too funny, I know), sooner rather than later. I just returned home from seeing the film Religulous. And just as sure you should have been that this was coming you should have been sure I’d have enjoyed myself.

Now the first thing that tested my patience isn’t so much a gripe with the film, per se. I was more an issue with venue itself. Why is the wheelchair “seating” at these obnoxious multi-plex “stadium seating” theatres right up front? I have a screaming headache from my eyes being bombarded with having to look, nearly, straight up at the screen! And it didn’t help that this movie was shown in one of the smaller, back hallway, theatres in the joint. Which, unfortunately, shortens the proximity of the screen to me.

Dig these fucking theatres into the ground some, so those of us who don’t or refuse to use stairs, come into these theatres at the mid-way point. Rather than right up front. I can’t and won’t speak for other blokes who find sitting so close to the screen, while the rest of the theatre is virtually empty, so objectionable. But my ability to see isn’t impaired! At least it wasn’t before the movie. Shit…

Now to the film. Apparently this is a documentary. At least it’s laid out as one, and for the most part, is touted to be one. Fair enough. If Michael Moore can consider his later work to be “documentaries,” than this is one. 

A few times it looked as though, through the magic of editing, things may not have been exactly as they came across. In my experience religious folk aren’t easily caught speechless. They seem to have an answer for everything. Or have convinced themselves they have and it’s their job to convince you of it. 

However it did strike me as being overly hard on Islam, relatively speaking. Primarily through the fact it concentrated on a fundamentalist sect of the religion. Yet all the other religions seemed to be taken at face value. That and I found it odd they chose the point in the film just after their bit on Islam to drive the point home about the inconsistencies with religion, while citing the people they just spoke to regarding Islam.

It could just be me though. I’ve no idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not challenging the film’s validity, these are merely my first impressions written by a guy with a massive headache. Time to eat…