The Dark Knight

I saw The Dark Knight last week. Honestly I’m not to familiar with the hype surrounding this film, I do, however remember hearing is it set an opening weekend box office dollar amount record or some such shit. Is there a bigger mark of irrelevancy today than the amount of money any given film brings in as a sign of it’s quality?

It’s rare to see a blockbuster Hollywood film these days that has been built on a well thought out and carefully planned story. Not to mention the special effects being used to augment a plot and not carry the poor bastard.

This is definitely one of those films that absolutely demolishes that modern day stereotype…

The performance of one Heath Ledger being the most remarkable aspect of the films effect. Never has any film sat so awkwardly on my mind. For quite so long. Haunting, creepy and so bloody insane! It was great. I’m thinking what happened to him ultimately leaves me that uneasy feeling.

But I’ve always been a fan of Heath’s work. Monsters Ball immediately springs to mind. Even his role in Brokeback Mountain is worthy of mention here. What of it? I’m quite comfortable in admitting I see the validity in a love story between two men. Hell it was very touching.

Hearing him having to struggle with the lasting effects of him playing a character is one thing. But seeing it is totally another. Gives me an previously unseen perspective into his craft. Not only acting like another person, but becoming and living as another person on screen? What a waste.

Now I’m not saying all “actors” possess the ability to do what he pulled off. Far from it, in fact. This was truly a rare accomplishment. I mean I’ve never felt his way after watching someone portray a character in a movie. Ever. 

Despite it’s flaws–to be fair they’re with the character of Batman rather than the screenplay, not including The Jokers debacle likening anarchism to chaos (par for the course, I’d say)–this 2 1/2 hour display was an extremely unique experience. And I couldn’t hope to put what I was left into words. I highly recommend you get in on it though…