Thanks NAFTA

With well enough responsibility (which will never get owned) to go around concerning the current “Swine Flu” (I’ll call it what it is, thanks) epidemic, I was directed to an article today, that cited yet one more cause for the outbreak;

“Welcome to the aftermath of “free trade.” […] [I]f you start to feel dizzy, or a flush with fever, or other symptoms begin to molest you or your children, remember this: The real name of this infirmity is “The NAFTA Flu,” the first of what may well emerge, as many new illnesses to emerge internationally, as the direct result of “free trade” agreements that allow companies like Smithfield Farms to escape health, safety and environmental laws.”

So right along side of the intensive animal agriculture, responsible for much (read: virtually all) of the animal flesh and reproductive secretions humans consume, it would seem we have NAFTA to thank as well…