Turn that noise down!

I was going to review the year that is quickly coming to an end, in my typical cynical tone, but add a personal and somewhat optimistic touch at the end. Then I read Chris Hedges piece, 2011: A Brave New Dystopia, and suddenly everything that happened in 2010 seems quite inconsequential to what is more than likely to be waiting in 2011 and beyond.

Which, I think, says much more than it’s share. 2010 has been quite the year — The AlJazeera Top 10 does a relatively sufficient job rounding out the year, so I’ll urge all those interested to check it out. But it’s people like Mr. Hedges that can and continue to give the world in which we live a frightening context. A context we all must understand if we ever want to halt it.

Everything else has had it’s volume turned down since reading that…

Pace Yourself

Lanté came bearing gifts. Thank you, Lanté.

Previous we’ve had some discussions about movies. Rather obviously our tastes in movies differ, like any two people, but Friday he brought me one of his favorites. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. In an attempt to prove a point, I assume. 

Now I’m not going to hide behind my distaste for movies with any hint of testosterone jacked rogue military special “op” teams hell bent on killing non-American’s, or Arnold’s acting, for that matter. But both his acting and the movie, “on the whole,” weren’t too bad. I was very surprised.

Sure this film, like any, has it’s flaws. Big one’s too. But on other levels it’s quite a successful endeavor. With respect to the state of movies today, especially…

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A Very Powerful Appreciation


I recently watched what is without doubt the best horror movie of all time. Not many films are as unbelievably unsettling, or, better yet so disturbing as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When Leatherface clubs Jerry in the head causing him to collapse and “twitch” on the floor? So utterly intense.

Never has a single scene in a movie left me so affected. In fact I so clearly remember the first time I ever saw the movie and that scene, in particular. In Keg’s basement, as a kid, really, totally freaked out of my mind. As if being in his house wasn’t spooky enough, the walk home was truly something else.

It’s still, if not more difficult, to watch (what with it now being re-mastered?). Damn… Continue reading A Very Powerful Appreciation