Listening to the radio

There I was in bed this morning, while listening to the radio and contemplating starting my day, when a piece came on Metro Morning about Sean Avery — a professional NHL Hockey player — “coming out” in support of Gay Marriage. Instantly something didn’t sit right with me. Wasn’t this the same clown who, a couple years back, made some borderline misogynistic remarks concerning his “sloppy seconds” and a fellow player?

Now he’s supporting, publicly no less, Gay Marriage? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing he’s stepping up to lend his support for such a cause, but remember who it’s coming from. Where sexism resides it’s hard to believe homophobia isn’t a close neighbour, if not a completely welcomed room mate.

I’ll take that for what it’s worth, which isn’t much, thanks…

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A Quick Note on Inspiration

I often hear people say I’m a great source of inspiration to them. And with much more humility than I’m sure is expected, or even warranted, I kindly accept that honour, and continue on with what I’m doing. Not that such a compliment isn’t something I’m so arrogant as to brush off, or those words aren’t greatly appreciated, or that I don’t take them seriously. Far from it. I take such kind words very seriously. Each and every time I hear them. They are way more flattering than anyone will ever realize. Trust me. I’m modest when it comes to matters such as this, for reason’s I won’t get into.

But I do wonder if those people, while telling me I’ve affected them, are curious about who moves me…

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The Cost Of Freedom?

Today, via Stephanie over at Animal Rights & Anti Oppression, I was directed to a rather thought provoking article, labelled A Rant About Freedom. It’s really worth a read today, for my neighbours to the south, as well as this week, for my fellow Canadian’s — and, no, not for the ironic and barbaric crackdown on dissent, as an all too predictable result of the G20 Summit, provided by this needle-dick conference, but rather Canada Day.

By all means, these holidays mean something to a lot of you — fair enough — but not everyone is in quite the same position to share your “jubilation.” Please take a moment and consider the cost of the “freedom” you enjoy…

Activism In Sport

I was pointed to this video last weekend, where “[a]cclaimed Sports Illustrated and The Nation sportswriter,” Dave Zirin, was in Vancouver “speak[ing] about activism, sports and the Olympics as part of a series entitled ‘Politics in the Ring‘;”

“Zirin talked about the idea of activist athletes, what they’ve fought for, and what they’ve opposed. From feminist uprisings against wearing corsets in tennis, to Muhammad Ali’s activist conversion after his Olympic win, Zirin showed that sports has the power to extend beyond just spectacle. […] Versed in the history of sports, Zirin was critical of the hypocritical stance the International Olympic Committee has taken on several issues over the past century…”

Speaking as an individual who spent most of his childhood attention following and playing various “organized” — even playing hockey with a bunch of idiots in the street involves a little organization — sport, and being thoroughly uninterested in the whole idea of professional incarnations of sport, for going on 20 years, I found this “talk” quite interesting. Even refreshing.

Check it out…

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