I guess we will see, eh?

With the co-founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, now behind bars — right where an absurd amount of people think he belongs (take last night, when David Letterman spoke his name in his monologue, it received a chorus of boo’s, only to be equalled a little later by mention of Sarah Palin’s name, which says everything) — and, shockingly, having his bail denied (where’s he seriously going to run to?), context and acceptance of reality have never been more needed.

Fact is, he turned himself in. I wonder if people are asking themselves why that might be? Here’s a thought. Could it be there is no better way for him to demonstrate the power of people’s need to see the truth? As Jesus H Chris so poignantly stated a week ago Monday, “[i]f you are still fool enough to believe this system doesn’t reek like fetid plop, maybe these documents will help you see the light.” Though, personally, I’m not so optimistic people will take the initiative.

It has been said previously, if Assange is arrested or assassinated, the leaks will continue. Meaning WikiLeaks is bigger than any one person. Including Julian Assange.

I guess we will see, eh?

Fiftieth Post

I’ll mark my fiftieth post with a announcement of sorts…

I’ve recently been trying to keep to a more frequent posting schedule and am quite happy with what I’ve produced. So from here on in I’m going to try (hard) to post on a more regular basis. I’m shooting for at least every couple to few days. 

I really need to practice the craft of writing in the hopes of being more “comfortable” and less “planned,” if you will. Blogging should be more about spontaneity than anything else, right?  Continue reading Fiftieth Post