CNN Strikes Again

Last night I tuned into CNN’s Election coverage. And believe me, no-one is more sorry than I. I should have known better. Totally my fault, I know.

A very small minded Republican, I assume, sitting on their “panel” actually told the audience if Obama wins minorities no longer have any excuses. Wow, what a relief, I feel so vindicated. All it took was a single Black man to be elected as President of the United States for an entire planet to drop their small-minded, selfish tendencies? What took so bloody long?

“Fucking goof…”

Just Read The Damn Book

Book JacketNearing the end of July I saw the movie The Diving Bell And The Butterfly and subsequently wrote a piece entitled Let Your Imagination Set You Free. Since then I’ve had an opportunity to read the book, by the same name, which set this all adrift. Not to mention my interest in what he so valiantly accomplished. The authoring of some memoirs.

I seem to recall hearing a few professionals, at a rehabilitation hospital I was admitted to in March of ’97, recommend my family read a book written by a bloke who suffered from an affliction painstakingly “similar” to mine. The “affliction” being, as I’ve mentioned previously, “Locked-in Syndrome.” And “the bloke” being, I assume, Jean-Dominique Bauby. As it turns out Bauby’s book was originally published the very same week I finally began my climb out of my body. Weird.

Anyway this is a quick read. One I suggest people read in “collaboration” with the movie. The nature of both medium’s provide an important context into each other. I guess having “lived it” provides me a perspective I felt the book didn’t provide. No cut on him. And seeing it on screen I was better able to grasp what he experienced. The movie allows a person to witness difficulties he faced, the most prevalent being writing. Whereas the book, just as relevantly, tells that same person what he thought and felt.

It’s really a great story. Take my word for it…

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At Long Last

Today I upgraded my WordPress blog software to the current version (2.5.1). Kinda threw me for a loop. Things are not where I left ’em. Just when you’re comfortable using something they go and change it. Just kidding. It’s not like it Microsoft and the changes are from outta left field, or copied from somewhere else. Shit I didn’t really just say that, did I?

Anyway with my news and that lame poke out of the way I should probably note that I was finally and successfully (look at me) able to set up an archive index. Where all my posts are and, from this point on will be organized by the date they were published or by subject (category) they’ve been filed under. Or if you prefer to fuck the whole system you can “search” for whatever you’re after by yourself. At long last. Cool? Continue reading At Long Last